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Relevant publications, artist’s residencies and exhibitions of dr. marjolijn kok


2017/18, 16 Dec - 27 Jan, The Martian Landscapes, Gallery Joey Ramone, Rotterdam.

2016, 17 - 31 Jul, The Museum of Failure and Unloved Objects, Rotterdam Gallery, RORO-museum, Rotterdam.

2015, 9 Dec, The Museum of Failure and Unloved Objects, Banff Centre, Canada.

2015, 12 June, From a Bedroom To a Common Space, Agora, Berlin.

2015, 25 April-30 May, Now You See Me, Now You Don’t, Project ruimte Gallery Joey Ramone, Rotterdam.


2018, 17 May - 7 Jul, THE KOKRA FAMILY, De Stad, De Stad, Garage, Rotterdam.

2016, 21 Aug -permanent, with Kay Burns, The Archaeologist's Visit, Museum of The Flat Earth, Shoal Bay, Canada.

2014, 29 May - 1 Jun, THE KOKRA FAMILY, The Paternalisation Piece, Queeristan, Amsterdam.

2013, 10 - 24 Nov, THE KOKRA FAMILY, The Pink Gaze, The Long Studio, Joe Batt’s Arm (Canada)

Group exhibitions:

2017, 4 Nov, Luminous Bodies, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto.

2016, 30 Apr, The Museum of Failure and Unloved Objects: London Exhibition, First Conference of the Association of Imaginative Museums, London.

2016, 10 Feb - 30 Apr, Salon, Het Gemaal, Rotterdam.

2016, 28 Jan -5 Mar, The Flip Collection VI, Printroom, Rotterdam.

2015, 23 Sep - 30 Sep, Radio Voicemail, Rotterdam.

2015, 26-28 June, The Living Room, Agora, Berlijn.

2015, 4-7 June, Contemporaries, Art Athina, Athens.

2014-2015, 22 Nov - 22 Mar, Noord & Licht, Art Station North, Rotterdam.

2014, 23-25 May, art exhibition at the Convergences conference, Urbana (IL).

2014, 23-25 May, The Archaeologist as Artist: Research Photography in a New Context, Urbana (IL).

2014, 12 May, Radio Voicemail, TENT, Rotterdam (call +31 6 44033997)

2014, 27 Mar-27 Apr, Accomplishes III, Kunstenlab, Deventer.

2014, 6 - 9 Feb, Secret Art Space, (THE KOKRA FAMILY, The Paternalisation Piece), Rotterdam.

2014, 16 Jan-16 Feb, Accomplices II, TETEM, Enschede.

2014, Jan, pop-up library, Whyte Hotel, Brooklyn (NY).

2013, 5 Okt-30 Nov, 4th Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize Exhibition, Bank Streets Art, Sheffield

2013, Okt,  Right/Write when you get there, Arthouse tour: Kansas City (MO), Louisville (KY), Columbus (OH), Pittsburgh (PA)

2013 6 July-15 Sept, Komplizen, Ostrale Dresden.

2013, 7-28 Apr. A4 april Werklicht, Rotterdam.

2013, Mar - Aug. Arthouse co-op sketchbook tour: Brooklyn (NY), Atlanta (GA), Austin (TX), Toronto (Canada), Chicago (IL), Portland (OR), San Francisco (CA) und Los Angeles (CA).

2013, 6-10 Feb.Tupajumi Super Re:Seller Show @Re: Rotterdam Artfair.

Artist’s residency / working period/ summer school :

2018, June, KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre, Ii,  Finland.

2017, 23 Oct - 6 Nov, Luminous Bodies, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, Canada.

2017, May, Frick, Switzerland.

2015, 2 Nov-12 Dec, Truth, Lies and Lore, Banff Centre, Canada.

2015, 1 Jun-28 Jun, Exploring the Endotic, Affect at Agora, Berlin.

2014-2015, 23 Nov-18 Jan, Brooklyn, New York.

2014, 1-14 Okt, Fljóts Tunga, Iceland.

2014, 22 June - 29 June, WWTF International Summer School: Commoning the City, Vienna, Austria.

2013, 1 Sept- 30 Nov, Fogo Island Arts, Long Studio, Canada

Artist’s  publications:

2019. Inventory 2: Ii, THE KOKRA FAMILY

2018. Inventory 1: Frick, THE KOKRA FAMILY.

2017. The Martian Landscapes.

2016. The Contemporary Archaeologist.

2016. Museum of Failure and Unloved Objects: London Exhibition, Rotterdam.

2016. The Museum of Failure and Unloved Objects: Catalogue of the Banff gallery, Rotterdam

2016. Snowball, Banff/Rotterdam.

2015. De Grote Rotterdamse Kunskalender 2016, Rotterdam (1 work).

2015. Encyclopedia of Lorelei (collective Truth Lies and Lore).

2015. The Pillar (collective Exploring the Endotic).

2014. Mushrooms on the way to my studio.

2014. Memoirs of the Little Researcher, Rotterdam.

2013. De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2014 (1 work).

2013. Appendix Grafiek, At Random #2, Roterdam (1 work).

2012. 1953, open source 1, Rotterdam.


2016, 13 Aug, with Kay Burns, The Archaeologist's Visit, Fogo, Canada.

2015, 26 Nov, Revolution Song, performance night, Banff Centre, Canada.

2014, 16 May, Radio Voicemail, Radio-Calling, TENT, Rotterdam (call +31 644033997 until 16 nov 2014)

2013, 26 June, How to a General Assembly, Fucking Good Art event, WORM, Rotterdam.

2012, 17 Nov, with Elles Besselsen and Line Kramer: Researching the now: the joys and dilemmas of the archaeology of Occupy Rotterdam, CHAT, York.

2012, 21 Aug, with Line Kramer, short compilation of ‘Trommelen in de Nacht’ in cooperation with the ROtheater, De Derde Dinsdag, WORM, Rotterdam.

Scientific publications:

-in prep. A bit of anarchy in the Iron Age: new perspectives on social structure in the Dutch coastal area of North-Holland. In: Sastre et al (eds) Alternative Iron Ages. Social theory from archaeological analysis. Routledge, London.

- 2014. M.S.M. Kok & E.A. Besselsen. Laat prehistorische huisplattegronden in het kustgebied. In: G. Lange et al (eds) Huisplattegronden in Nederland: Archeologische sporen van het huis. Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed.

- 2012. M.S.M. Kok content of four learning units for the vocational training system in archaeological heritage: Queer archaeology; Archaeotainment; Geophysical monitoring in Heritage Management, Case Study Broekpolder; Aerial photography and heritage management in West-Friesland.

- 2010. M.S.M. Kok. Staging a soft landscape: how performative actions created an understanding of the life-world. in: L. Lévêque, M. Ruiz Árbol, and L. Pop eds. Heritage, Image, Memory of European Landscapes. COST-A27. L'Harmattan, Paris.

- 2010. M.S.M. Kok. Water and the religious landscape: A qualitative prediction of offering sites in the Oer-IJ area. In: T. Bloemers, H. Kars, A van der Valk end M. Wijnen red. The Cultural Landscape and Heritage Paradox: Protection and Development of the Dutch Archaeological-Historical Landscape and its European dimensions. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam 223-227.

- 2009. Kok, M.S.M. Teaching by distance learning or face to face: the differences between direct and distance teaching. in H. van Londen, M.S.M. Kok and A. Marciniak eds.2009 E-learning Archaeology, Theory and Practice. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam, 143-150.

- 2009. M.S.M. Kok. The dilemma of participating. in: L. Smith en E. Waterton eds. Taking Archaeology Out of Heritage. Cambridge Scolars Publishing, Cambridge.

- 2009. Therkorn, L.L., E.A. Besselsen, M. Diepeveen-Jansen, S. Gerritsen, J. Kaarsemaker, M.S.M. Kok, L. Kubiak-Martens, J. Slopsma and P.C. Vos. Landscapes in the Broekpolder: excavations around a monument with aspects of the Bronze Age to the Modern, Beverwijk and Heemskerk, Noord-Holland. Universiteit van Amsterdam.

- 2008-2009. H. van Londen and M.S.M. Kok content of four e-Learning modules within the Leonardo da Vinci project “Archaeological Heritage in Contemporary Europe.” (Mentalities and perspectives in archaeological heritage management (AHM); Cultural biography of landscape; Sustainable development; Commercial archaeology).

- 2008. M.S.M. Kok. The homecoming of religious practice: An analysis of offering sites in the wet low-lying parts of the landscape in the Oer-IJ area (2500 BC- AD 450). uitgeverij lima, Rotterdam.

- 2005. M.S.M. Kok. ‘What the romans did for us.’ A question of identity in the Broekpolder. in: D. Hofmann, J. Mills and A. Cochrane eds. Elements of Being: Mentalities, Identities and Movements. BAR International Series 1437, Archaeopress, Oxford, 71-76.

- 2004. Kok, M.S.M. ‘Gender in de archeologie: Stemmen uit het verleden’ in: Raffia jaargang 16 nummer 1, p.3-5.

  1. -2003. M.S.M. Kok. Gender, Material Culture and Time. In: N. Höchtl and S. van Rossenberg (eds.) trans/gender, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam p.27-35.


- 2012 M.S.M. Kok, A. Marciniak and H. van Londen eds. Course book: vocational training system in archaeological heritage based upon e-learning resources. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam.

- 2009. H. van Londen, M.S.M. Kok and A. Marciniak eds. E-learning Archaeology, Theory and Practice. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam, 143-150.

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