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Contemporary Archaeological Research:

Occupy Rotterdam

The first research into contemporary archaeology in The Netherlands is done by BAT. Since December 2011 Occupy Rotterdam is being analysed. The main goal is to study the relation between Occupiers and their material culture. Another goal is to see if the image produced by the media of Occupy Rotterdam is correct or should be adjusted. Contemporary archaeology touches on different disciplines, which comes to the fore in the used methodology that uses interviews, photographs, drawing, observation, participation and the registration of material culture. BAT views Occupy as an important cultural phenomenon. We see the urgency for archaeological research as Occupy Rotterdam will leave no physical changes in the city landscape as soon as they change location. BAT aims with this research to understand the protest movement Occupy Rotterdam and record this for the future.

All images and text are the intellectual property of marjolijn kok; they can be freely used under the creative commons license.

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