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E-learning European Heritage

BAT particpated in the European Leonardo da Vinci project; E-learning European Heritage. This project involved the production of teaching modules and teaching test focus groups about Archaeological Heritage.

Archaeologists, IT- and teaching specialists from Poland, England, Sweden, Latvia, Spain and the Netherland work together. The Dutch team consists of Heleen van Londen (UvA), Monique van den Dries (UL) and Marjolijn Kok (BAT)
Further infromation on the project and the teaching modules can be found at:


At the Helsinki (2012) conference of the European Association of Archaeologists Rosa Martínez and Marjolijn Kok organised a session on vocational training.


All images and text are the intellectual property of marjolijn kok; they can be freely used under the creative commons license. Except the above image which belongs to the E-learning project.

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