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From a Bedroom To a Common Space

11 juni 2015, Agora, Berlin

The Show From a Bedroom To a Common Space was part of the event Twelve thirty minutes solo shows at Agora in Berlijn. The participants of the program ‘Exploring the Endotic’ all made their own solo exhibition based on the rule that it would only take thirty minutes including installation and removal. Just like the group Oulipo, by setting boundaries a space was created where the creative process could freely develop.

Inspired by Georges Perec; From a Bedroom To a Common Space was a performance of a detailed description of the route to Agora and the space at Agora. The text was read out while objects found en route in Berlin where exhbited.

Here is the text:

Step out of the bedroom, into the hallway, through the opposite door, leave the apartment, go down three flights of stairs, turn right on the landing, turn right down a stair,turn right down a few steps, turn left into the communual hallway, open the front door, close it gently, turn right into Pistoriusstrasse, turn right into the Berliner allee, cross the road towards the tramstop, step into the M4 direction Hackescher Markt, Anton Platz, Greifswalderstrasse/Ostseestrasse, Thomas Mannstrasse, Greifswalderstrasse S-bahn, Greifswalderstrasse/Dantzigerstrasse, Hufelandstrasse, Am Friedrichshain, Otto Braunstrasse/Molstrasse, Alexanderplatz U-bahn, Alexanderplatz S-bahn, get out and go into the station, turn right down the stairs, turn left twice and down another flight of stairs, turn left and get into the U8 going to Hermanstrasse, Jannowitzbrucke, Heinrich Heinestrasse, Moritz Platz, Kotbusser Tor, Schönleinstrasse, Herman Platz Boddinstrasse, Leinestrasse, step out of the U-bahn, turn left, go up the stairs, turn right, go up the stairs, walk out onto Hermanstrasse, turn right into Leykestrasse, turn left into the Mittelweg, cross the road and go through the metal gate, walk up the path (and if before ten) go behind the building, turn right and enter the backdoor, walk into the hallway, climb six flights of stairs and enter through the metal double door.

On the inside of the door are two A4-size papers, one with instructions on how to close the door, the lower one with the contact informatin of the Agora team and the participants in Exploring the Endotic. The door is set in a whitewashed brick wall and to the right a hook is inserted just above eye-level, the wall is set at an angle. On entering turn right. An old white phone is hanging from the wall, the wall makes an angle, nothing placed here. Further right there is a kitchen set back into the wall. There are two light switches, a grey plastic broom, a wooden broomstick, and a black and a red umbrella stand in the corner, a yellow plastic dust collector lies besides these on the flooor. The wall here is plastered white and at a height of about 90 centimetres a six-height row of small grey tiles is fitted on the wall, on the tiles are two taps and two water-metres, above the tiles is a white cupboard on the wall, further to the rihght there are two hanging kitchen cabinets, white with a round metal doorhandle and on the right one is a blue tag that reads "snacks, coffee und so weiter", on the left door it says "water jugs, napkins, disposables. On the metal kitchen top there is a white bowl with eight JA! peppermint teabags, a coffee maker, a large thermos, a checkered white and green dishcloth, a blue bottle cap, a spoon, a basilicum plantin a plastic pot in a ceramic pot, a near empty half litre plastic water bottle, a wine glass, a white dish with a honey jar on top, a bottle of organic olive oil, a packet of dinner salt, a pen, a teacup, a white bowl organic waste, a sugar jar, a red, white and bleu checkered dishcloth, a water caraf/decanter, abd a round red sticker. Under the kitchen top are on the right three drawers, white with round metal handles and blue tags. The top one says "silverwares", the middle one "glasses" and the bottom one, which is a bit open, "cutting boards" but inside there are no cutting boards, just a stack of plates and a blue plastic bowl.

To the left there is a big white kitchen cupboard with a round metal handle and a blue tag saying "pfand bottles". Underneath this kitchen unit there is a wooden box with wheels on the side, covered in a red, white and grey old fashioned pattern. In front of the kitchen unit stand the remains of a white kitchen unit, front back and top missing. Left of the metal kitchen top is a gas stove with a yellow cleaning cloth on top. Left of this is a kitchen sink set in another metal kitchen top. In the sink are a plug, a white coffee cup with spoon filled with water, and a piece of tape. Behind the sink on the kitchen top is the top half of a plastic bottle with a blue cap, citrus dish washing soap, a chopping board, a yellow and green sponge, in front of the sponge is an empty sachet of a vitamin supplement. Underneath the sink is a white cupboard with a round metal handle but no blue tag. Left of the sink on the kitchen top, lie upside down a white saucer, a white bowl, four metal knifes, two forks, two spoons, a patato-peeler with a wooden handle, two coffee cups, four mugs, a glass, six more glasses, three forks, six spoons and a glass that is not upside down. Underneath the kitchen top is an open space with a big red gastank, a white metal garbage bin with a blue tag on its lid saying "garbage", a socket is in the wall and an empty apple juice box stands next to the fridge which is located in the left corner.

On top of the fridge is a big cornflakes box, an empty bottle, a big role of cellotape, a paper bag and a stack of Affect leaflets. The fridge has a glass door. On the top shelf lie a bottle of Cava, four bottles of medium sparkling water and four bottles with a soft drink. On the second shelf are a tin of Turkish white cheese with a small plate of brie on top, a small round plastic container with salad, a large bottle of still water (half filled), a jar of currychini, a bottle of chilisauce (half full) and a yellow plastic tupperware container with a green lid. On the third shelf there is a big block of ice on the back wall, a package of miso, a carton of milk, a small jar of cherry yoghurt, a plate with one and a half tomato, and three plastic containers  with leftover spreads stacked on top of each other. On the bottom of the fridge is a white bowl with part of a mango partially covered by a white plate.

Further to the left of the fridge, in the wall opposite the door is a big double windowwith central heating below, behind the heating a coax cable lies and is connected to a socket. In front of the window is a self-made table with three thick wooden beams for legs, a thick piece of wood rests against the right leg, the top is white wood with rounded corners. On top of the table are a plant with thick leaves of which one is painted golden in a ceramic pot on a white plate, a small thin leaved plant in a ceramic jar on a white saucer, a small white jar with five used matches and six sigarette butts, a black and white patterned match box, a large square wooden chopping board, a bread knife with a plastic handle, some bread crumbs, and a glass with a little bit of water. The left window is open, turned inwardly. Under the table are some leaves from outside, a green piece of paper and a cigarette butt.

In the white washed brick wall left of the window there is a double socket, a piece of pink tape. Two vertical heating pipes are in front of the wall, high on the left one is a piece of pink tape holding a looped string with a round piece of paper.

About 80 centimetres from the wall stands a table at right angle. It has two blue saw-horses and a light grey square table top. On top is half a glass of water, underneath lies a blue bottle cap.

Left of the wall are two big double windows with white central heating units beneath them. In front of the right one are two blue and one red saw-horses. The right window has a white wooden window sill which extents to the left window but here a table is built over it. The table has two black round metal legs and a grey wooden top. In front of the table is a red easy chair with my green crumple bag besides it on the floor.

Left of the windows is a white washed brick wall with a double electricity socket, two vertical heating pipes are in front of the wall, a t about head-height there is a metal hook in the wall, a pink and black lettered leaflet is stuck to the wall. There is also a telephone cable socket and a piece of crepe tape.

To the left of the wall is another big double window with a white wooden window sill and a central heating unit beneath it. The window is partially covered by five big pieces of grey paper that are hanging from a metal wire that is span along the whole lenght of the room. Against the heater stand two grey and one thick square woorden table tops. In the corner rgere are two two-by-two beams of about two and a half metre long. The area in the corner is partially closed of by five large white wooden panels that are free-standing and can be moved around like a chamber screen.

When you enter the cornered of areain front of the windoware four black folding chairs two by two positioned. Left of the back row chairs a glass of water stands on the floor. Right of the front row of chairs an empty glass stands on the floor. To the left of where you enter a black power cord lies on the floor next to a wooden salon table with an oval top. On the table stands half a glass of water. In the corner of the screen is  a black sound box to the right are a white folding chair, a grey wooden chair and another sound box with cables.

The back wall is white washed brick. Against it are from the left of the corner, a white folding chair, a black folding chair, a low table of metal and wood on its side with on top of it a cardboard box with on top a projector, two black folding chairs and two power extension cords. On the floor stand a coffee cup, and a tea cup with spoon and saucer. Against the wall is a square wooden table top with four long strips of blue carpet hanging over it.

When you leave the partitioned of area there is another wooden square table top leaning against the wall, a blue saw-horse leans against it. In front on the floor is a wooden saw-horse and two rolls of grey paper. To the left on the floor is a large white wooden table top. Behind it against the wall is a cardboard box on its side with a 'lemonaid' white plastic crate besides it. In the crate are a trinagular ruler, six glass containers with paint equipment/material, a spraycan with fixation, and a large roll of crepe tape.

To the left is a large square table with a metal frame and a wooden top. In front of it is a metal and wooden chair. On top of the table on the right side are some pieces of folded canvas, two sketchbooks, some rags with paint, and a long wooden box with airing holes for brushes. An A4 of millimetre paper is taped to the tables. On the left are half a plastic bottle, two club mate bottles, a plastic bottle with water, a glas jar with water, a bottle of soap, three bottles with paint materials, and four bottles of ink.

Left of the table are two curver boxes on top of each other, with a moving-blanket and a roll of grey paper on top. Next to it on the floor are a jar of gesso and a jar of terpentine. In the wall above are sixteen screws visible, To the left is a construction of two large vertical wooden beams with a grey plank with rounded corners on top. On top of it lies some rolled up cloth. Underneath the plank hangs a jeans jacket on the wall and a blue linen bag. In the corner on the floor stands a black backpack and two bottles half filled with water, two saw-horses with some clothes and a bathing towel hanging over them. Underneath stands a pair of blye shoes behind it is a whitewashed brick wall.

To the left are two big double windows with heating units beneath them. In front of the right window is a table with two saw-horse supports and a square wooden top. In front of the table is a metal and wooden chair, on top are Eliens things.

In front of th left window is a table with two black round legs and a square grey top. A white folding chair is in front of it. On the table are five receipts, a plate with lemon, banana and pear peelings, two knifes and a spoon, an old red elastic spider and an empty cookie box, a pink post-it note with the wifi password, a block of pink post-its, a brown cardboard folder with stapled papers inside.

Left of the window is a white washed brick wall with a coax socket, a double electricity socket with a wifi-router plugged in, two vertical central heating pipes are in front. Two the left are two big double windows with heating units underneath. There is a wooden window sill which on the right side is covered by a table made from two black round metal poles and a grey square wooden top. On top of it lie a print from Google maps and a piece of thick paper with a smooth white cardboard box on top of it.

About a metre from the wall stands a long table parallel to the windows. It is supported by three blue saw-horses and has a large grey table top. On top lie a yellow white-striped ball point, a white projector, a book (face down), a printed article by Walter Benjamin on storytelling, a plastic bottle with a little bit of water, a crunched up paper bag, four brown cardboard folders with printed articles inside, a grey laptop cover with a watch on top, a Bic pen, a blue bottle cap, a small book on furniture making, a green ball pen, a white saucer, a glass with a bit of water, a roll of black tape, a booklet, a brownish book with a power cable on top, a neatly folded grey sweater with a pair of glasses on top.

In the corner left of the window is a door to the toilet with a metal retro-sign. Left of the toilet is a low cabinet with two sliding doors. The right one is broken and inside lies a drawing and an open pack of paper. The door was taped with white tape that didn't hold. On the left door is a piece of pink tape (mere decoration). On top of the cabinet lie Affect leaflets covered by a black cloth and a white cloth, a stack of black posters with white text, and a brown cardboard box with plastic binds broken open. On the wall above the cabinet are two posters, the same as on the stack.

The wall angles backwards towards the door. The right side is smooth plaster with three light switches and an electricity socket. Then the wall becomes white washed bricks with two small hooks above head height. There are four small and one big nails in the wall. Where the wall turns towards the door eight pieces of pink tape are stuck on the wall.

In the middle of the room is a big round white pillar, held in place by six metal studs at the floor. A wooden ladder is suspended from the pillar on two metal hooks. On the far side it has an electricity socket with a converter, atransformer and a Macbook on the floor connected to it.

The ceiling on the opposite side of the door has eight semi-circular ton-structures. In the second from the right a fan with lamp and a lightbulb are hanging. In the fourth, sixth and eight a cloth square is positioned, a sound demper. In the middle part of the ceiling are three lightbulbs. The back part has six semi-circular ton-structure and a flat part in front of the door. In the first, third and fifth ton-structure a cloth square is positioned (sound demping). The floor is herringbone parquet with two metal lines across the lenght of the room on either sides of the pillar. In front of the door is a doormat. Several figures are taped on the floor, remains of the previous Affect.